Ski Conditions

Snow conditions

Icefields Parkway

Ski Conditions

Today we skied the lower half of 2 avalanche paths on an east aspect between 2100-1800m on the Icefields Parkway. There was 20-25cm of recent storm snow with no wind effect where we travelled. Lots of whumpfing in the trees and we did hear a large avalanche in the alpine far above us but could not see it due to poor visibility. Guessing it was at least a size 2.5 judging by the sound and length of the rumble.
Temps hovered just below 0c for the day and surface snow was moist. We did a quick compression test at 2000m on a 30degree slope in open trees and got moderate results with a sudden collapse(drop) just above the Nov 5th crust on facets, as well as a resistant planar break on surface hoar crystals down 25cm.

Ski quality was pretty good and there was enough new snow to hide old ski tracks.

Kris Irwin AG
Mark Klassen MG

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