Climbing Conditions

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Snow and avalanche conditions

Columbia Icefields

Climbing Conditions

I’ve just finished 4 days of teaching courses on the glaciers below Mt Athabasca.

Glacier coverage is good although there is not as much snow as it may appear from below. I was consistently probing 100-175 cm between 2600-2800m. There were some spots that were a bit deeper. Crevasse sags visible in all the normal places.

Travel conditions improved over the past few days. No freeze this morning but foot penetration was boot top in wet snow.

The Silverhorn area has been active for avalanches recently. A size 2 wind slab in the storm snow up to a meter thick released above the ramp on Saturday night. Today I noticed another slab that had released on the left side of the Silverhorn, size 2 with wide propagation, probably happened on Monday (see photo). On Sunday there were numerous loose wet avalanches to size 2 on the west ridge of Athabasca and today there were size 2 loose wet avalanches running off both sides of the Silverhorn including a couple that hit the ramp route by 10 am.

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