Trail Conditions

Slim Creek Road and Trail Conditions

Dickson Range/Slim Creek's

Trail Conditions

I spent the last 7 days traversing through the Dickson Range. Here iùs some road and trail info about the area.

There is active logging at about 20km on the Slim main. The companies frequency is 152.450. The road has been improved to km 23. After that its rougher.

We parked at Tyax Heliskiings Slim fuel and went up the valley above (Eastern Creek). The animal trails on the E side of the creek connect well to the alpine. From here we traversed W for a few days.
There was a lot of snow melt happening. Creeks where big and fast. Snow softened and was mid boot deep every afternoon.

We met two grizzly's with young. Lots of bear tracks and sign.

Our return route to the truck was via Slim Creek from Sorcerer Mt. The upper portion of the valley had easy to link animal trails on the E side. The section from the big meadow to the cable bridge was made up of easy to follow snowmobile winter route. Flagging was old and sporadic. From Johns bridge to the "Elephant Grave Yard" (huge piles of rock that Outward Bound named for a camp location in the 90's) was in really rough shape. Not much trail or flagging through the meadows that are choked with buckbrush. From there to the road head the trail is well marked and easy to follow.

I used to guide here a lot till about 2005. Not much has changed except I'm guessing not a lot of summer use is happening lately and the lower valley trails are fading.
It's a beautiful wilderness area with big meadows, easy glaciers and mostly scrambling peaks.

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