Ski Conditions

Slabs forming

Rockies, Kananaskis, Black Prince/Heros' Knob

Ski Conditions

Ski up the drainage south of Hero's Knob today. Around 10cm new snow on the road there. We ran into soft slabs in the steepening trees as you approach Hero's Knob so we went south towards the Black Prince col. More new snow, some wind and the warm temperatures had formed some denser and thicker windslabs and in the flat light we turned around. More snow fell during the day and the winds picked up twice with the passage of cold fronts. I would assume the hazard will remain or even increase with the additional wind and new snow.

These slabs were somewhat subtle and the snowpack was widely variable in that neighbourhood. It seemed that it would be much more difficult to forecast for the variability of the snow across the terrain than it was last week. Some clear skies would help but I think it would be wise to tread lightly in Kcountry until the snowpack has had time to adjust to these recent changes.

Larry Stanier
ACMG Mountain Guide

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