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Slab avalanche activity

Valemount Area Rockies and Cariboos

Avalanche Conditions

Though many of us haven't been out for a while, I have noted some slab avalanche activity in the last 1-4 days while doing some aerial flghts for some industrial avalanche safety assessment.
As there has been some interesting new activity outside of the classic wet sluffing expected this time of year, seeing slab avalanches this week was of note.

On May 13th we spotted 2 slabs on alpine faces about 2600m, SW aspects, slabby features. Seemed they started from sluffs, then triggered slabs to size 2. This was in the Swift creek-Marathon Creek areas near Valemount BC.
Today I noticed a large slab on Mica Mountain, in the Cariboo Range near Tete Jaune Cache BC. (while hanging out my laundry.)
This slide was a large size 3, NE aspect, starting at treeline and taking out large feature of small alpine fir, running into the large avalanche fan coming down towards the Sande Creek forestry road. There seems to be a lot of vegetation in the deposit. (Tiny's Dream run)
Of note, the slide on Mica mountain started at the same elevation band where we noted a significant surface hoar instabilitiy this winter

So, just as we are starting to brush off of the cobwebs, realize the mountains have been changing all along without us. A good time to start watching for some of the deeper instabilities that have been sleeping since early season.
If you have to get out to the hills, keep it simple, none of us are on top of our game right now,
Stay safe, and stay healthy.
Peter Amann

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