Avalanche Conditions

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Skier remote size 2.5-3, N aspect, 1930m, Blackcomb Backcountry

Spearhead Glacier near Saucer Lake, Blackcomb backcountry

Avalanche Conditions

Guided trip down Spearhead Glacier near Saucer Lake. During a regroup for lunch at around 1930m I poked out for a look over the steep rolls below the bottom of the glacier. While skinning out to a flat perch to get a view, I remotely triggered the steeper unsupported slopes to the West from about 60-70m away. I could not see how far this propagated but could see the debris extend out quite far into the basin. From this limited observation I would say this was about a size 2.5-3. It is quite possible that the entire feature released which would mean about 150m-200m across. Fracture depth (observed) was about 40-50cm in the deepest. Failure layer I'm assuming is the Feb 22nd SH. No involvements.

Update March 7th: Recent photo from Whistler Heli group flying in the area confirms size 3 Sr.

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