Ski Conditions

Ski Touring Report March 5-9

Lake Louise Area

Ski Conditions

I worked this past week with fellow mountain guide Shaun King and the Thompson River's University Adventure Studies program based out of Lake Louise. Our objective was ski and ski mountaineering day trips.

We skied Cirque Peak, Noseeum Creek, Cathedral, Helen Shoulder, Lake Louise Ski Resort side country, Lefroy Glacier/Plain of Six Glaciers, Mt. Niblock and the head of Chickadee Valley.

Avalanche danger was Moderate in the Alpine, and Low at Treeline and Below Treeline. Yesterday (March 9th) we noted numerous loose dry avalanches on steep south aspects with the warming air temps and recent 10cm of new snow. We also noted fairly constant spindrift avalanches off steep alpine rock faces the past couple days.

Winds were moderate to strong from the southwest in the first part of the week, and subsided to just gusts at tree line and moderate ridgetop winds yesterday.

Overall we had excellent travel conditions and good snow stability that allowed us to accomplish some big objectives. We expect avalanche danger to rise over the next few days with warming temperatures and fairly clear sky.

Jordy Shepherd - Mountain Guide
Shaun King - Mountain Guide

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