Ski Conditions

Ski Touring Near Nahatlatch

Nahatlatch/Northern End of Harrison Lake

Ski Conditions

We went out for a day of heli assisted ski touring for a few laps near Whistlepig mountain and Gowan Pk, sticking to mellow terrain. We experienced light southerly winds, a mix of sun and convective flurries. The freezing level was around 1500m.

Ski conditions were generally pretty good with 10-20cm of fresh snow over a hard crust on all aspects/elevations except for true north Alp/TL. The best skiing was in low angled terrain in the alpine where you could glide above the crust. The snowpack under the new snow is very settled with evidence of rain/melt runnels under the new snow. HS at treeline was ~250 cm and I could probe the late Jan. PWL down 150cm with a layer of low resistance (weak) snow just above it. The new snow was lightly wind affected in the alpine.

No new avalanches observed flying over a large area with in and out visibility, however there was evidence of a previous widespread natural avalanche cycle, I suspect on the late January PWL.

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