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South Coast Inland

Ski Conditions

I spent the last week in the mountains of the Cascades and Inland South Coast areas

On Mar. 9th, North Cascades;
In the dry north end of the N. Cascades, around Mt. Hewitt Bostock and the Anderson R. peaks, there were light Southerly winds and, generally clear skies with some PM convection in the south of the area. Temps were -6.0 mid-day. In the North of the region, high elevation rolling mountainous terrain has short north aspect open alpine features, and a highly variable snowpack ranging 50-225cm with a facetted base and nice settled powder in protected basins. A few sleds or snow bikes, slope-tested many bowls with no recent results. Due to the strong winds and dry climate it is hard to assess the stability of the snowpack in this area!

As you get further South towards the Anderson River peaks (West of the Coquihalla), the snowpack gets deeper and the runs are longer
Generally, small cornices with few signs of instabilities. A number of glide cracks and old glide releases around the Anderson River were observed. Good ski conditions on North slopes down to about 1400m

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