Ski Conditions

Ski Conditions/ Skier Remote

Cirque Peak/Observation Sub Peak Area

Ski Conditions

On Sunday, some friends and I skied the W-SW slopes above the highway on the skiers left of the Cirque Peak/Observation sub Peak exit gully.
Ski quality was good overall. With about 15 to 20cm of recent HST over a fairly supportive upper snow pack. Wind effect was minimal to none in the areas we skied.
We experienced several settlements as we entered treeline elevation which was not really a surprise given the current snowpack structure in this area. However, we had a very significant settlement in the flats just above treeline at around 2400m. As we continued towards our high point we discovered that this very large settlement had resulted in size 3 skier remote 200m away. The avalanche ran to group in numerous spots and was anywhere from 30 to 70cm deep. Dimensions were approx 150m wide, 300m long.

Very eye opening!

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