Ski Conditions

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Ski conditions high in the rockies

Mallard lodge north of Athabasca pass

Ski Conditions

Just finished 7 days of ski touring out of mallard lodge. We had 58cm of snow over the week, under mostly cloudy skies and snow. We skied at and below tree line on slopes up to 40 deg, with generally good stability. We didn’t get much time In the alpine where I suspect soft slabs are now forming. Snow stability tests showed no results below the storm snow. Some sluffing was noted from ski cutting but didn’t see any slabs.
Suspect conditions are changing, especially after today’s 30+ cm of denser new snow. Temps stayed in the -10 range atnight, -5 during the days, a few brief periods just above freezing here and there.
Excellent skiing in a remote alpine basin.

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