Ski Conditions

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Ski Conditions

Enjoyed a week of excellent skiing at Selkirk Lodge with fellow guides Tom Wolfe and Melissa Makepeace!

We had 20-40 cm of new snow during the week with the higher amounts at upper elevations. At times this was accompanied by moderate to strong S/SW winds which created touchy wind slabs at treeline and in the alpine. These wind slabs were our main avalanche concern. We saw a couple limited natural avalanche cycles up to size 2 on this problem after wind events, and this morning's wind may again increase the hazard slightly.

We did not have any significant concerns with deeper buried layers from late Dec and early January in the areas we travelled, and these layers were often hard to find in the snowpack.

The snow pack on the glaciers was over 300cm and averaged 250 cm at treeline.

We rated the avalanche hazard as Considerable (3)/Moderate (2)/Low (1) when we left this morning based on the presence of new wind slabs in the alpine.

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