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Significant Rockfall on Ha Ling

Ha Ling North Face

Climbing Conditions

Hello Everyone,

Mike Stuart and I have been working on a retrofit on True Grit over the past 3 days. The route is now equipped with new stainless glue-ins. We ran out of glue, drill batteries and time. We still have some gluing of the new stainless bolts to do on the last 2 pitches and as well some removal of the older hardware from a few other pitches.

The route is still equipped with some of the older hardware so it is totally climbable. We also changed up some the stations so that the route can be climbed with a single 60 meter rope.

On the way back down the trail we witnessed a very significant rockfall on Ha Ling's North Face and it appeared to originate either on the North Face route itself or Orient Express - not 100% certain.

I would be very cautious and suspect of residual material from that area of the north face for the next while. If you are intending to go climb the NE Face Route or Sysiphus Summit routes you are certainly exposed so please keep this in mind. I did not have binos or a spotting scope so its difficult to say what's left up there?


Paddy Jerome

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