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Rogers Pass -Connaught Creek

Ski Conditions

I have spent 3 of the last 4 days skiing around the Connaught creek area (Bruins Pass, Balu Pass, Cheops etc.) in Rogers Pass.

Since Joey's initial post there has been no shortage of keeners out there for some early season turns. Most open terrain has been heavily skied(see attache photo of 8812 bowl which was taken on Sunday - now add about 60+ tracks to that photo and you get the idea) leaving little in the way of freshies and doing a good job of early season ski compaction ;-)

All that to say that if you are planning on driving for several hours(like from Calgary/Canmore), I would suggest that you may want to wait for a refresh before undertaking such a journey - I know I don't have any plans to get out there in the next while - and I only live 45 minutes away!

Snowpack is little changed from Joeys post but the cold temps and shallow snowpack have developed a loose unconsolidated upper snowpack (facted) overlying the crust - Surface Hoar crystals formed during this clear period to size 5-10mm in valley bottom diminishing to 3mm in upper Treeline and Alpine - basically something to pay attention to once we get more snow.

The vallley bottom trail is actually in good condition for this time of year (major caveat!) but I am still walking down that last steep section in the trees above the hotel 'cause I am a chicken!

The current snow snowpack is not one I would have a lot of confidence in with a significant snowfall - I urge everyone to remain vigilant as the next series of systems arrive and load the snowpack.

wishing all the best in 2017/18
Scott Davis
ACMG /IFMGA Mountain Guide

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