Avalanche Conditions

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Selkirks Snowpack Update

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Avalanche Conditions

As more operations shut down and less folks are skiing these days, it’s harder to find information so I thought I’d put this out there as the skiing is really good this week. Since Saturday we’ve seen numerous pulses deliver 60cm of new snow with prevailing westerly winds and generally warm temps. We’ve now witnessed a couple avalanche cycles as well. In some places this soft WSL is up to a meter thick and we have given healthy respect to steep, windloaded features. Last night we picked up 20cm of cold smoke due to cool overnight temps that carried through most of today with -7 at 2500m mid-morning. We skied some NE-E aspects in the alpine to ~2000m and were able to remote trigger numerous sz. 1 soft slabs failing within the most recent storm snow. On all solar aspects in the alpine where a breakable sun crust developed April 14, the new snow is bonding well and skis really well again. At lower elevations (ie below 1700m), the April 14 crust carries well on all aspects. The skiing was terrible only a few days ago but the cool temps and April cold smoke has smiles all around up here. Hope this helps to encourage folks to keep skiing this spring, it’s awesome right now!

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