Skied up the Connaught Slide Path from the Stone Arch parking area on the East end of Rogers Pass today. Good travelling and downhill ski conditions.

We did, however, trigger 2 small slabs on a suncrust/temperature crust down 50-60 cm. One was a very small steep unsupported role around 2000m facing SW that failed on a suncrust when I kicked hard on it. 3m wide. The other was triggered remotely by a skier from about 3m away on a 40 degree SE aspect around 1200m. 20m wide. This layer has been discussed for awhile now with not too many results but it seems to be lingering in some locations. My primary concern would be if the storm snow above the layer got warmed up dramatically by a warm sunny day or a rain event it may just tip the balance and fail as a larger slab in some isolated locations before it gets a chance to settle and bond.

There is still lots of good safe skiing to be had and one could probably get away with skiing big lines but with lots of recent snow and cold temperatures we are a very long way from a spring snowpack or even a consistent snowpack across the terrain.

We also skied up to Bruins Pass on tuesday. No tracks on Bruins or Balu Pass and excellent skiing after some good honest trailbreaking. It felt like Rogers Pass in the previous century:)

Larry Stanier
ACMG Mountain Guide

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