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Climbing Conditions

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Selkirks: Fairy Meadows

Fairy Meadows

Climbing Conditions

We spent July 16-23 at Fairy Meadows.

Unsettled weather most of the week kept us off the big peaks and more difficult routes but easier routes on several of the lower peaks in the Gothics and Adamants were climbed.

Snow coverage in all areas was good and travel conditions on the glaciers were excellent, even late in the day. On steeper slopes and off the glaciers the snow was more punchy, especially on solar aspects. I suspect the snow above 3000 m will not be as well settled either, but we didn't get higher than that.

The rock below 3000 m looked mostly dry but above that elevation there was still some snow on ledges. Peaks like Sir Sandford, Adamant and Austerity hid themselves in the clouds for most of the week but the glimpses we had made it look a bit on the snowy side.

Mark Klassen
ACMG/IFMGA Mountain Guide
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