Ski Conditions

Selkirk Mountains snow conditions

Albert Icefields SW of Rogers Pass

Ski Conditions

Hey Gang,

Changing day in the Selkirks today - this morning the 2200m. temp at 6:30am was -0.5 and we had received aprrox. 5cms of snow overnight - fun but shmooey skiing in the morning changed back to fluffy powder by mid-day as the trailing cold front from today's system came roaring through at noon with moderate to strong variable winds and snowfalls in the 5-10cm/hour range!

Snowfall continues to accumulate with current temps -5 at 2200m. - looks like 15-20cms so far - our biggest concern is the bond with the Feb.11th suncrust on steeper solar aspects - old windslabs from earlier this week have settled out and we do not appear to have an issue with any buried surface hoar layers (though it sound like it is out there).

We did not see any new avalanches today (visibility very limited) but there were lots of snowballs on steeper slopes below 2000m., and we were avoiding steeper slopes (over 35 degrees) that were of any size or consequence as we were worried about triggering loose moist sluffs in the morning.

Scott Davis
ACMG/IFMGA Mountain Guide

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