Ski Conditions

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Sea to Sky Ski Conditions

Brandywine Bowl

Ski Conditions

Went searching for ski season today. It exists! a narrow band above 1700/1800m. Despite the slim snow depth, the skiing was enjoyable and our ski bases lived to ski another day.

Brandywine Bowl.
- We parked at the Metal Dome junction and walked, other brave truck driving skiers went right to the end of the road.
- Walked with ski on our backs up the trail to the meadow before donning our trusty skis
- Snow depth remains very thin until above 1600.
- The high point was 1800m with 80cm of snow. Suspect more (100 - 110cm?) on the glaciers. *Glacier would require a lot of respect with this thin amount of snowpack covering the open crevasses exposed from the summer*

Fun day in the mountains and even a few good turns!

Video from the day.

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