Trail Conditions

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Trail Conditions

Just got back from a, among friends, scrambling ascent of Face Mountain, BC with an overnight at Semaphore Lake.

21st and 22nd of July.

Approach trail to Semaphore Lake has muddy sections but easily manageable.

Today, July 22nd, summit day: Weather was just perfect with clear sky and temperature around 28 degrees at lunch time.
Morning was chilly at 6 degrees.

Scrambling to Face mountain: 6h00 start.
Pretty straightforward routefinding marked by cairns until just before the ramp to ascend to ridge.
The routefinding challenge comes just before gaining the ramp but kind of easy to figure out following precise indications provided in Matt Gunn's Scrambles guide book. Would be easy to want to gain ridge to early...

A few snow patches were to be crossed which makes carrying an ice axe advisable. Low probability, considering consequences.
Micro spikes could help for early morning ascent.
The snow got much softer for our descent at around 11h00.

Once high on ridge, snow can surely be avoided.

Overall, a great ascent with beautiful views over surronding area and glaciers.

Mosquitos are pretty bad at parking lot but ease quite a lot once at campsite.

Note: Sadly, some campers don't seem to care respecting Fire Ban in effect in the area.

Happy hiking!

Charles St-Louis
ACMG Hiking guide

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