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Mt Brew to Tricouni Traverse

Trail Conditions

I guided the Mt Brew to Tricouni Traverse over the last few days (five days out travelling). We got driven to about 6km up Chance Creek to the Roe Creek Main and Roe Creek bridge. From there we followed the VOC’s Brew Hut route/trail on roads, forests and meadows. The trail is in great shape.

There is not much trail after the Brew Hut, but travel is simple going over a meadowy/sandy ridges to the Roe Creek/Brandywine Creek Pass at 1530m. From there an alpine valley trends SW to a 1840m col. The route wraps around a very recently deglaciated bench at 1850/1900m to under the west side of Cypress Pk. There is no glacier travel (anymore) but there is some (solid) class 2 boulder travel.

The decent to Seagram Lk is probably best done near the outflow of the lake under west glacier on Cypress Pk. Unmarked trails on the W side of the valley go to the lower lake. From there a solid, well built Tricouni Mt trail goes to the parking lot at 1200m.

We got picked up 3km down road from the trail head on the High Falls Creek Main. A Tacoma was parked at the trail head but the road is getting pretty bumpy and has a marginal bridge crossing. Our drive down to the Squamish Valley was on the rough but maintained High Falls Creek Main.

We found it interesting that there where very few boot prints or signs of summer travelers and this is a high caliber (awesome) mostly alpine traverse with good road access close to Whistler and Squamish.
If you need a ride call the Shred Shuttle.

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