Avalanche Conditions

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Avalanche Conditions

Hi Gang,

Spent the day with my good friend Giacomo Fano skiing up and back down the North facing Ross Pk. slidepath off of Mt. Green.

The approach through the hemlock of the designated route was in its usual crusty skittery condition with just enough uphill to require the skins and just enough downhill to wish you didn't have them on ;-) !

Once in the open terrain we found 10-15cms of new snow over a previous temperature crust that was supportive, yet soft enough to edge when tracksetting in the steep lower part of the path. This was only present up to the 1200m. elevation after which things softened right up allowing for 30-40cms ski penetration in soft (Fist) snow that was overlying a previous windslab that seemed well settled and bonded.

We saw no recent avalanche activity and what had happened previously was well covered with new snow - there were a few old cornice chunks that had fallen off the summit ridge and tumbled down the slope a bit but that was pretty much it.

Other than that we had great ski conditions for an amazing 1600m. vertical run to the valley floor.

From the highway at the end of the day we could see a fair bit of solar activity that had occurred during the day up to size 2 (see blurry photo of Avalanche crest)

Scott Davis
ACMG/IFMGA Mountain Guide

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