Avalanche Conditions

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Rogers Pass conditions

Rogers Pass Connaught Ck.

Avalanche Conditions

Went for a ski up Connaught Ck today - lots of folks out and about - Asulkan parking lot pretty much jammed packed - Loop Brook had around 15 vehicles and as usual the info center was pretty much wall to wall vehicles.

Numerous old avalanches related to the latest storm event - of note I did see one skier triggered size 1-1.5 slab avalanche on a convex roll in the center of Balu Pass (@ 2000m. E aspect 20-30 cms. deep) from mid day today - looked like they skied out of it. I also noted that a small cornice fall that had triggered a loose dry sluff that ran for a 100m before triggering a size 1-1.5 slab on a mid slope steep convexity - looked to be fairly recent (last 24-48 hrs).

Lots of sun out there today and as a result you can expect some degree of suncrust on steeper South through West aspects.

Anyone skiing down from Grizzly Bowl via the Teddy Bear side of the Grizzly slide path should not that there is now a LARGE GLIDE CRACK in the middle of the ski line (see attached photo) - aside from the avalanche issues related to it, there is the potential for a nasty surprise if you came into it with speed!

Scott Davis
ACMG/IFMGA Mountain Guide

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