Ski Conditions

Roger Pass skiing

Bruins Pass Roger Pass

Ski Conditions

Mr. Scott Davis and I went skiing once more to Bruins Pass (Roger Pass) yesterday. We went up to almost 2500 meters.

Above 2000 meters, HS was around 80-120cm.

Surfaces hoar are widespread almost all the way to ridge top. On solar aspect these surface hoar got cook, given place to a thin sun crust. Some of these surfaces hoar got blown away in open area in the alpine, but most likely they got preserved in sheltered area.

Above 2000 meters, we found up to 20cm HN overlying a rain crust. The crust was supportive even where the snow taper down with elevation lost.

Avalanche: Previous (past 48hours) loose dry avalanche activity on solar aspect up to size 1.5 (most likely associated with the HN running on the rain crust below)

The trail to Balu Pass is rough (no surprise). Expect walking down part of the trail.


Fred Amyot
ACMG IFMGA Mountain Guide

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