Climbing Conditions

Climbing Conditions

I guided a filming project on the Tokumm Pole yesterday, Feb 5th. The route is in good shape but brittle with the present cool temps. The walk/WI 2- exit out the top of the canyon worked well.

Today, Feb 6th, I guided a ski tour to Crowfoot Pass via the creek that drains it to the north. Valley bottom track setting in virgin snow saw my skis going to ground about every 6-10 steps, a bit frustrating. Much more supportive snow on old tracks once we gained the creek. Some small (30cm-ish) shooting cracks in the storm slab in places. No whumpfs or settlement. Snow carried much better towards tree line. We avoided any steeper slopes that we didn't have to touch. Some small (.5) surface sloughs in the storm snow out of the steep ground on the E face of Bow Crow Peak. Wind pressed snow above 2300m into the pass that skied very slow on the way down. We had some good quality turns below 2300 m and down to tree line. A nice tour overall.

Happy trails,

Barry Blanchard

Yamnuska Mountain Adventures

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