Climbing Conditions

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Climbing Conditions

The fine weather and fabulous conditions continues. However, as mentioned in several of the last MCR summaries the extended melt has likely increased the potential for big spontaneous natural rockfalls.

On Friday, August 25th a natural rockfall was observed by many parties in the O'Hara area. Parks Canada took the photo below the next day. I had noticed more rockfall than "usual" on previous trips through Opabin pass and perhaps that was a coincidence or maybe it was a precursor to this large event?

Either way a helmet would protect your hairdo very briefly if you were caught in a catastrophic failure like this. The shrapnel probably flew far, fast and wide and you can see how far the dust cloud and boulders spread across the terrain in the photo.

These are relatively rare events and almost impossible to forecast for parties in the field. For me, it brings home the importance of minimizing exposure to large areas of overhead hazard whenever possible.

Thanks to everyone who shared their observations and to Parks Canada for checking out the site.

Larry Stanier
ACMG Mountain Guide

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