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Rockies - Mt temple - East ridge

Mt temple - East Ridge

Climbing Conditions

Climbed East ridge of Mt Temple on July 18 via the Big Step. Busy for a weekday, and we spent considerable time waiting in sheltered spots to avoid climbing below other parties (rockfall). Route is dry and without water until above the Big Step. Mix of snow and rock (various options, but you'll travel some of each) on traverse to black towers, with some running water (due to rockfall potential , we tried to move swiftly through the traverse , and filled up in the shelter of a steep wall.) After a cold clear night, smokey sun gave us ankle deep snow penetration on south aspects, while north aspects stayed solid, offering nice crisp cramponing. Little natural rockfall observed, although I'd expect more after a warmer or cloudy night. The black towers gully has one snow patch in the centre of it, otherwise dry. The summit ridge is all snow, and cornices are still large and hard to read - we stayed as low on the north side as practical.

Ruari Macfarlane, ASG/ARG

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