Climbing Conditions

Climbing Conditions

We climbed Mt Fryatt via the SW Ridge on Tuesday August 14.

There is a snow patch and a trickle of water near the ridge bivy.

Although we used a few snow patches on approach to the route we did not need crampons or ice axe. The face itself has some snow and ice left in the 4 major gullies. We managed to avoid it altogether with some route finding but you could find yourself in the wrong place and have to cross snow or ice on the route itself.

These gullies also produced a significant rockfall mid-day, with a dishwasher sized block and numerous smaller stones hurtling down. Although we were well away from it when it happened it could have been consequential if the timing was wrong.

Another party climbed the W Ridge the same day and used crampons to cross a snow patch to bypass one of the upper steps. Otherwise that route was dry too.

Unfortunately the forest fire smoke was thick enough we could not see the neighbouring mountains.

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