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Rockies, Mt Athabasca 30 Aug 2016

N Glacier Mt Athabasca

Climbing Conditions

I guided an ascent of the N Ramp of Athabasca today.

Clear night. +5C at the parking at 0230h. The snow starts on the N Glaciet at 2750m. The debris from the July avalanche cycle is starting to melt out and sag but is still providing good travel below the Silverhorn.

We crossed avalanche debris from the past weekend (size 2) at the start of the Ramp. The refreeze started just beyond. Great travel on 5-10cm new storm snow bonding well to the old snow all the way to the summit. We descended the Ramp before noon and enjoyed the same on the way down.

Silverhorn looks icy for the first 3 pitches as do the NF routes, but the wet snow is starting to stick.

Brent Peters
Alpine Guide

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