Trail Conditions

Trail Conditions

The TAP Apprentice Hiking Guide exam group spent June 2-4th in the Porcupine Creek (North and South Forks) and Wasootch Ridge area including an ascent of Midnight Peak.

The days were very warm with temps ranging from 10ºC overnight to 25ºC during the day and light to moderate W-SW winds. A small lightning storm occurred around 2am this morning with light rain for about 30min, clearing before dawn.

Lingering snow patches on North facing terrain above 1850m were melting fast and did not impeded travel. Lots of water in both the Porcupine North and South forks.
A small herd of Bighorn Sheep were encountered on the forested shoulder ascending to Midnight peak, and only two ticks were found during the whole trip with regular checks.

The Calypso Orchids are in full bloom along with Prairie Crocus, Alpine Jasmine and Mountain Avens.

Happy hiking!

Helen Sovdat MG
Madeleine Martin-Preney SG/HG
Outward Bound AHG candidates

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