Trail Conditions

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Trail Conditions

The Training and Assessment Program's Hiking Guide Exam finished on June 21st. Here are some observations from our trip:

Route and trail conditions:
Starting at Bull Creek Hills we headed north to High Rock Ridge and into the Don Getty Wildland Provincial Park. We finished the trip by ascending and descending Mount Hoffman to Indian Oils Car Park. Elevation ranged from 1440m to 2275m.

Our group travelled mostly off trail but we did use some horse trails and established trails as marked on the Gem Trek Map.

Overall trail conditions were dry with some sections that were wet and muddy from runoff and recent rainfall. Patches of snow were found near ridge top and in dense forest on north aspects above 2100m.

Creek crossings were manageable, however Flat Trap creek was flowing fast and required some scouting to find appropriate crossing points.

Sun, cloud, afternoon thunderstorms and rain showers throughout the trip. Daytime temperatures ranged from 3ºC to 20ºC, winds were variable with moderate gusts at ridge top.

Flora and Fauna:
Incredible spring and early summer wildflowers such as Shooting Stars, Prairie Crocuses, Jacob’s Ladder, Forget-me-nots, Rock Jasmine and Calypso orchids.

One group observed 2 wolves in the Flat trap creek drainage and there was lots of evidence of moose, elk and big horn sheep along our route.

Helen Sovdat MG

Alison Cardinal SG/HG

Madeleine Martin-Preney SG/HG

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