Climbing Conditions

Rockies Ice Nov 22nd, 2016

Rockies east Slope

Climbing Conditions

Tried to be an ice climber the last 3 days. On Sunday the 20th we went to the Urs Hole but there was just too much running water. Found great friction on the Rundlehorn sport route in boots and gloves as a Plan B.

Climbed Twisted Sister yesterday. Easy but spicy mixed pitch to start and then good ice to the top after that. Lots of snow on the steep slopes to the base of the route but no windslabs and the upper snow seemed bonded well to the Nov 12th crust.

Kind Creek today-similar to Brent's post from yesterday except maybe more running water after a warm night?

No real ice on Bridge Too Far or Kidd Falls as seen from the road. Amadeus was it usual "bottomless" self. Upper parts looked good

Warm temps in the forecast are not going to help.

Larry Stanier
ACMG Mountain Guide

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