Climbing Conditions

Climbing Conditions

Rockies Ice. 

Field and Icefields Parkway have really shaped up in the past week. Coming in Fast. Keep it cold.

All of these routes I think are in but are mostly guesses. So user discretion is advised.

Field routes in:  Silk Tassel, Coal Miners Daughter, Ogden stuff, Twisted, Home Brew,  Carlsberg looks in. Kronenburg looks like it will be as fat as ever. Just needs a bit more time. The exit pillar still looks like chandeliers.
Pilsner not quite there. Lots growing fast on both Stephen and Dennis

Icicle Fairy is in as pure ice. Nosseum creek?

Mnt Patterson: Riptide, Rocket man, as fat as ever. Squirt? There is ice there.

Howse/Chephren: lots of lines in if your into that kind of stuff.

Waterfowl lakes climbs: looks like a few options up above the pull in

Mnt Murchison. Lots of ice up Bison Creek, Balfour Wall, Murchison Falls are in.

Mnt Wilson: French climbs look fat as ever up high. i'm not sure if Oh La Tabernca has been done yet.

Shooting star is looking in!  Stairway to heaven, Living in paradise looks in, suntori, Wilson major.

Rampart climbs: ice nine, happy days-not in but growing fast

Mnt Coleman:  Seven pillars of wisdom looks in. Crux would be the bottom pillar. Upper ice looks fat. Damocles Looks in.

Cirrus Mnt Area: Polar Circus, Weeping wall area looks good. And is cimbing good right now. This is where i've been climbing during the cold snap. Ten to three pm shift. Upper Weeping is looking pretty inspiring. Dead eye dick is almost there. Whymper is in, mixed master is also.


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