Two fine days in the Ghost. Driving is as good as it gets and the avalanche Danger is low, low low. Close to no, no, no.

Driving to the North Ghost yesterday(monday) was good to within about 20 minutes walking of the trail to Johnson lakes. We crossed the river once in a fairly easy place(stock tacoma) but parked at the 2nd one which looked really rough without some hard work with the axe and the chainsaw! First crossing was part way along a long section of ice that just calls out for a hockey game!

Sorcerer is in fantastic shape. Great hooking throughout and some light swings in a few places. I don’t think we knocked any ice down. No real cornice above the route currently.

South Ghost today. Easy driving to the Park Boundary and a decent but often icy trail to Weathering Heights. It is in great shape too but in places we actually had to swing a bit. Low angle section at the top hadn’t been climbed much and it was suddenly brittle and featureless above the tree anchor at the top of the steep climbing.

Anorexia Nervosa 1st pitch was gone. Sunshine bottom 1/2 was gone and Aquarius looked rough from the Planters valley. Malignant Mushroom looked ok but may not feel that way? Wicked Wanda looked great.

Still lots to do out there.

Larry Stanier
ACMG Mountain Guide

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