Climbing Conditions

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Mt. Hungabee

Climbing Conditions

Roy S and I climbed the West ridge of Hungabee July 26-27 via Lake Ohara. The Stanier-McKnignt variation was dry. 2 small patches of snow/ice remain in the gully between the initial quartzite rib and the Stanier-McKnignt rib but should be gone in a few days. We did not witness any natural rockfall while crossing this zone. Our bivy site was just above the col at 2750m and there is a good patch of snow for meltwater that will be there for some time. All fixed anchors that we used for rappel were in good shape. There was a grizzly at Opabin Pass the day before we arrived so best to bivy higher and bring your bear spray. Be sure to call the Yoho Parks office for an overnight bivy permit.
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