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Recent Rockfall In Grand Couloir

Mont Blanc - Gouter Route And Grand Couloir

Climbing Conditions

Photo from the Grand Couloir this morning (Sept 8th) on MB. The main cable looks to have been damaged on both sides. It is attached but multiple anchor points and then backed up with prussik to the sections the cable got damaged.

We crossed the GC at 6am on the way up and 7:30am following day. Was not active while crossing but could see lots of recent activity.

After crossing the GC, sections of the fixed cables looked damaged from recent rockfall. Also about 3/4 the way up there was fresh rockfall on the climbing path (about 15mins below the final section of fixed cables).

Upper mountain in good shape except for a large crevasse/shrund 100m below the summit ridge. There is a fixed rope to help ascend the steep section crossing the crack which is about 40-50cm wide.

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