Avalanche Conditions

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Recent and continued storm

Icefields Parkway

Avalanche Conditions

Hello winter creatures
Just spent a cold and snowy few days on the Icefield parkway, with some hardy College of the Rockies Students.

We saw temps dip down to -15(with wind chill) and highs of about -2. Although the sun appeared a few special occasions, daytime warming did not.

There was mostly redistributed snow when we arrived on the 15th, with plenty of glacial ice and rock exposed. On the 16th it snowed as much as 60cm and we observed up to 2700m on the lower benches of Boundary Peak. There was very little evidence of wind as of yesterday. Some dry loose avalanches to size 1 on the steeps and a few impressive ice fall released off of Snowdome as well as audibles on the Kitchener side heard from the Athabasca glacier.

Walking was rugged in rocky areas and glaciers are getting filled in enough to not be able to see poorly bridged crevasses.

It was snowing lightly today so likely more changes already happening.

As per usual the roads are in winter condition and chains came in handy on the big bend hill.
Ice climbs are forming fast but this is definitely only the first frozen wave of many to come.

Wishing everyone happy early season adventures.

Merrie-Beth Board
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