Avalanche Conditions

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Reactive surface hoar

Rogers Pass

Avalanche Conditions

Today in Rogers Pass, in Hospital Bowl (Ursus Area), at about 1900 m on an east aspect, we saw both the December 27 surface hoar (down 40 cm) and the December 15 surface hoar (down 80 cm) respond to column tests.

We had repeatable ECTP results, ranging from 15-29 hits, that caused both these layers to fail at the same time. This indicates propagation potential in this slab. We also had Dec 15 fail at CTM, 21 hits, sudden planar.

In addition to that, while skiing down in the trees, we triggered a few small size 1 soft slabs that were failing on the January 5 surface hoar.

There was an avalanche burial in the Asulkan valley today, sounds like the person involved will be ok.

Things are getting touchy. If things start running naturally they will be big. Heads up.

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