Ski Conditions

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Ski Conditions

We went to Cirques Peak yesterday (along with 11 other people!) and thought it would be good to pass on that the rappel gully has melted out significantly in recent years creating a more complex descent than it has been in the past.

It is currently almost 50 metres from the top anchor to where you can put your skis on. There is a midway anchor on the climbers right side wall that has been extended with a sling because the chains are about three metres above the ground at the moment. It can be done as either 1 X 50m rappel, or 1 X 30m and 1 X 20m. Downclimbing would be risky and difficult as the gully is full of steep loose rock at the moment. See photos.

We also observed a large avalanche on an east aspect just north of Observation Peak. It It was on a large unsupported slope above a cliff. A falling cornice triggered a windslab, which then stepped down to a much deeper layer. There were also a couple of size 1.5 natural windslabs in the gully on the way back to the road.

The skiing was variable. There is a lot of wind affected snow on exposed slopes and through valleys and passes that were open to the strong north winds. There is plenty of good skiing to be found in sheltered areas.

Marc Piché
ACMG Mountain Guide

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