Ski Conditions

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Ski Conditions

Spent a day at Bow Summit today with a group of 6 Intro to backcountry ski touring students. We were the only group there.

With over 50 cm's of new snow over last 48 hours we were not brave enough to drive into the unplowed parking lot choosing to park at the turn off.

It snowed close to 10cm in the 5 hours we were there with temperatures in the -3 to -5 range and no wind.

No avalanche activity was noted but visibility was very limited. We stuck to low angle terrain topping out at treeline (~2300 m). Trail breaking was relatively easy through this cold smoke powder and skiing was excellent for those who could maintain their momentum.

Road conditions were treacherous as there has not been any plowing done past the 93N turn off.
As Jordy mentioned the other day - expect to be self reliant with good winter tires and a high clearance vehicle.

With lots more snow in the forecast overnight I would expect avalanche and road conditions to continue deteriorate so tomorrow might be another great day to enjoy some resort skiing.

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