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Quartz Lake / Gorman lake hikes - snowy wet conditions

Dogtooth Range: Quartz, Gorman and Lang valleys

Trail Conditions

The ACMG Hiking Guide exam took place in the dogtooth range over the past four days. Groups planned to hike from Gorman Lake to Quartz lake, and visa versa, however due to poor weather, significant snowfall, and challenging travel conditions, the full traverse was not completed. Instead, groups camped in Lang and Quartz Lake drainages, and hiked in those areas.

Groups encountered 20-40cm of snow above 1800m, and up to 50 cm at higher elevations such as the Quartz-Cirque Ck col. No slabs had formed, however some snowballing, pinwheeling, sluffing, and minor rockfall was observed. The snowfall made travel over quartzite talus and boulders challenging, with some of the biggest hazard being on steep grassy/heather covered slopes.

Despite the snow, access up the Gorman road was reasonable, with some ruts in the mud. The upper Gorman road is rough, and a high clearance vehicle is preferred. The road up Quartz is in good shape.

All groups saw evidence of bear activity, including fresh scat along the lower Gorman trail, but otherwise no wildlife was observed.

While this area is beautiful, current travel conditions make this trip not recommended until the snow melts - which, by the looks of things, may not be for a while.
Peter Amann, Peter Oxtoby, Matt Reynolds, Sylvia Forest, and 12 candidates.

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