Trail Conditions

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Trail Conditions

We spent Sept. 14-17th backpacking around the Septet Group in the Purcells.
Our route started from the trail head to Templeton Lake and completed a mostly off trail circuit that included Dunbar Lakes, Tiger Pass, Lead Queen Basin, Septet Pass, Chalice Ridge, Septet Lakes and back out the Templeton Lake trail.
Abundant water sources and fantastic camping were found along most areas of the route. Any snow found along the higher elevations (other than Tiger Pass) was easily avoided.
The Septet Pass trail has many fallen logs along it from Frances Creek to Septet Pass.
On Sept. 16 the smoke cleared just enough for us to have sepia toned views of the Bugaboos and the larches are just starting to get their full colour show above 2000m!

Will Woods HG/ASG
Madeleine Martin-Preney HG/SG
Alex Geary MG

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