Avalanche Conditions

Avalanche Conditions

Avalanche Canada’s public avalanche forecasts are slated to begin on November 25th and we've been publishing early season forecaster blogs here: https://www.avalanche.ca/blogs?category=forecaster+blog, so please come to https://www.avalanche.ca daily as part of your trip planning and risk management process.

In the lead up to the start of our season the Warning Service team is gathering information and data to help them get a handle on conditions and to create a baseline for our forecasts. You can help now and for the whole winter by submitting information to the Mountain Information Network. The MIN is for everyone and no training or experience is required. Helpful information can be as simple as a few lines of text and a photo of weather, conditions, avalanches, etc. You can learn more here: https://www.avalanche.ca/mountain-information-network

Because of Covid we anticipate more people will be in the backcountry this winter than ever before and we anticipate seeing less data than usual from our traditional sources, so submitting to the MIN will be more important than ever. Avalanche Canada and our partner agencies appreciate every post to the MIN no matter who it comes from or what the content is. Everything and anything helps.

In addition to the MIN, anyone who wants to provide information directly to the forecasting team can send an email to forecaster@avalanche.ca

Thanks to everyone who has already been reporting to the MIN this fall and I look forward to many more of you joining the MIN team this winter. I wish you all a safe and healthy winter.


Karl Klassen
Mountain Guide/Avalanche Canada Warning Service Manager

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These observations and opinions are those of the person who submitted them. The ACMG and its members take no responsibility for errors, omissions, or lapses in continuity. Conditions differ greatly over time and space due to the variable nature of mountain weather and terrain. Application of this information provides no guarantee of increased safety. Do not use the Mountain Conditions Report as the sole factor in planning trips or making decisions in the field.