Avalanche Conditions

Probable PWL Jan 16 2022

Mt Currie East

Avalanche Conditions

I'm guiding E of Mt Currie near Pemberton. We have been here for a couple of days camped at 1880m.
During the storm we skiied tree line and have found substantial whoomphing and cracking on almost all slopes.Its associated with facets below a the crust that got covered up on Jan 16. 20220116 FCcr.
Test results give moderate results with ECT about 60cm down. It fails just below the 16th crust on a 10cm layer of 2mm facets. The layer collapses and slides out on one step but the is a slight roughness to the fracture which I think is preventing propagation on the small test slopes.
We are skiing low angle stuff during the storm wih no overhead hazard.
Very limited natural activity. By definition the hazard is Moderate but we ski it more like touchy considerably.
I don't have enough connectivity to post this on the infoex.

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