Ski Conditions

Primo Powder on Paul Ridge

Red Heather/Paul Ridge

Ski Conditions

The skiing and riding on Paul Ridge was in great shape today.

Light to moderate winds in the morning with a final hurrah of snow all calmed down by ~10:30. After that the sky made a pretty good effort to clear and let some sun through, and the winds abated too. About 50-60cm of settled storm snow since I was up there a week ago, bringing the total snow depth on top of the ridge to ~155cm (1625m). We didn't dig a pit, but the new snow was F-4F, seemingly all the way to the older crust. Some subtle evidence of wind effect on the tops of the bumps, but we only ever found very isolated pockets of very soft slab in the morning; skiing the steep bumps off the ridge only produced small sluffs running in the storm snow, and losing steam pretty quickly.

The coverage is pretty good up there, but there are some small rocks, drops, and the summer trail, that haven't filled in yet. Some of the slopes were pretty hammered on Sunday but have covered up decently well, and then the less skied slopes felt completely fresh. There's even enough snow to ski all the way back down to the upper lot without (too much) fear of hitting any sharks. The road and parking lot were also plowed this morning, though chains certainly didn't hurt.

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