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Powderskiing is back in K-Country

Murray Moraines K-Country

Ski Conditions

Cold spring day at Murray's Moraine with up to 35cm of recent storm snow, which was lacking slab properties today and bonding well to the Mar 20 sun and temp crust. Excellent skiing on anything northerly. Higher elevation east aspects are holding up ok too, everything else has a sun crust now.

Only our group's tracks on Murray Moraine but lots of skiers coming over Hero's Knob Pass. Not entirely surprising, the entire upper bowl had slid naturally as a healthy sz. 3 on the Feb 3rd raincrust / facet persistent weak layer during the recent heat wave. The avalanche ran to valley bottom and reportedly skiers are required to negotiate the 120cm fracture line and "rough" skiing until one can avoid the debris / reloaded bed surface about 1/3 down.

I also added a photo we took on our way home from the road of the skier accidental sz 3 on tent ridge which has been reported in detail in the avalanche bulletin and the Mins.

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