Ski Conditions

Poor skiing but at least there was lots of avalanche activity:)

Warspite/Black Prince Kananaskis country

Ski Conditions

Went for a conditions check around Warspite/Black Prince and found not much current good news. Uphill travel was pretty good but it is getting thin down low and soft on the south faces around rocks and trees by about 11am. The initial bridge crossing felt a bit like slacklining.

We observed the first Size 2 loose wet avalanche around 9:30 am off the big East faces and they were pretty regular after that and slowly increasing in size as the chinook blew, the temps went up and the sun kept beating down.

Ski quality was pretty bad, not much glide and lots of grab till lower elevations where it improved slightly. Definitely getting a tune-up and some "structure" added to my wax tonight!

Cold temperatures would help a lot. I honestly not sure if we are in the phase where we need a classic "cold, clear night" to get a full reset but I wouldn't feel like going into big steep country without the benefit of a full overnight freeze.

Happy Spring
Larry Stanier
ACMG Mountain Guide

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