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Phat but Wet!

Professor Falls Mt. Rundle

Climbing Conditions

Professor Falls climbed well today in absolute solitude. Temps creeped into positive by mid day and winds became pretty stiff westerly in the later PM as duly noticed when riding our bikes back on the Banff Golf Course road around 4PM. The climb is generally in good but pretty moist condition and has seen a fair bit of previous travel. We turned around at pitch 5 as it looked ridiculously wet. The road / trail is well tracked-in and seasoned mountain bikers can make it all the way but that may change once it freezes again.

A lot of thought was given to the overhead avalanche hazard in light of the extended considerable rating, warming temps and increasing winds, a scenario that is forecasted to intensify over the course of the next one or two days. This afternoon, no signs of wind transport noticed in the upper reaches of Rundle and Cascade and it is hard to imagine that this "stale" snow could be available for transport......but still it would be nice to see some cooling again to feel better about overhead hazard.

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