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Persevering to the Powder

Rogers Pass - Asulkan Valley

Ski Conditions

Due to Connaught Ck. closure we decided to check out the Asulkan Valley and Dome Glacier on Tuesday.

We found approx. 10cm of snow over recent rain crust at parking lot elevation, this increased to around 15cm. by the time we encountered the Mouse Trap.

Good news is that there is not one bit of Alder showing once past the Mousetrap (usually very bushy this time of year) - the Bad news is that this is a result of a large avalanche that ran from the Jupiter Ridge during the recent storm cycle that buried the aforementioned alders under some nasty frozen debris.

By the time we reached the Sapphire Moraine pitch there was more like 20cms and it was very pleasant skiing. Snow depth increased as we continued up to the Dome with Approx. 50cms over the crust just before it petered out at around 2200m.

So where the skiing was good - it was real good - but where it wasn't - let's just say it was challenging and rugged, but at least the light was flat ;-0

We exited via the Sapphire Moraine as the conditions on the steep lower slopes of the usual Dome exits looked heinous.

Best of the Season to everyone!

Scott Davis
ACMG Mountain Guide

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