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Climbing Conditions

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Old report: 2016/02/12 Murchison Falls

Rockies: Banff National Park, Mt. Murchison, Murchison Falls along Icefields Parkway

Climbing Conditions

AMGA Guide Chris Wright and client climbed Murchison Falls on Feb. 12th and reported the following:
" ... there is a cornice, but it’s not terribly menacing (or at least it wasn’t as of the 12th). It hangs way to the left of the flow and actually looked pretty well supported when we were there, but we climbed on the far, far right and weren’t under it anyway. I’ve attached a couple pictures in case they’re a useful conditions report for anyone else, and again, these are from the 12th. The far right line was probably 4+ or 5- depending on which line you took. "

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